Warm Gift

warm greeting (n_n)/

hello! everyone,,,
thank you for visit my blog .
i work alone , so i can’t posting every day 😦 .

i love to read manga online or some comics , watch anime, ect. i got all inspiration from this activity.

i love to write a fanfiction, so much!!
actually i already write some FF , but no one ready for published (thehehe…)
ummm.. all FF that i post just the ff i love the most.

i’m the kyuyoung shipper hohoho…
i love them , so i will fill this blog with many ff especially about kyuyoung.

so.. that’s all. i don’t have any words to say again. then please enjoy visit my blog. bye bye~~~


3 thoughts on “warm greeting (n_n)/

  1. chinguu… Ngga ngelanjutin ff kah T_T?
    aku nunggu ff mu 🙂

  2. L_kyuyoung on said:

    aku masih nunggu kelanjutan ff mua, apalgi yang bad girls.
    semangat chingu!

  3. Tristant on said:

    bad girl part 6-nya dong thorrrr…
    itu ceritany keren bgt!

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